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High-Resolution Site Characterization – What is It All About?

Contributed by Jacob Pongetti, Staff Scientist, PPM Consultants High-resolution site characterization (HRSC) is a set of…

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EPA Proposes New Far-Reaching Facility Response Planning Requirements

Contributed by Michael Hurd, Geologist, PPM Consultants Many industrial facilities are no strangers to facility…

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ESG: A Worldwide Look

Contributed by Annie McIlwain P.E., Principal, PPM Consultants Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations have…

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Vapor Intrusion 101 Article 1: Petroleum Sites

Contributed by Ben Lightsey P.E., Senior Engineer, PPM Consultants Since 2011, I have been involved in…

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Earth Day Celebration

Contributed by Lori Lea, Jackson Office, PPM Consultants Earth Day is an annual event celebrated…

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Identifying a Cattle Dipping Vat in Florida

Contributed by Kevin Grosjean, Staff Geologist, PPM Consultants Texas fever they called it, though it…

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Steps for Handling Orphan Tanks in Louisiana

Contributed by Mike Luckett, Senior Engineer, PPM Consultants Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) are often found…

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Sargassum “Blob” Takes Aim at Gulf Coast and Caribbean

Contributed by Isaac Smith, Principal, PPM Consultants No, this isn’t a trailer for a bad…

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Contributed by Holden Volentine, Project Manager, PPM Consultants There have been many discussions and guidance…

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Old Men, Old Trucks, And Feral Dogs

Contributed by Walt Henley, Senior Geologist, PPM Consultants Harry Honda – that’s the name my…

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Environmental Justice in Air Permitting

Contributed by Isaac Smith, Principal, PPM Consultants History On December 22, 2022, EPA’s Office of…

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Saving on Environmental Assessment Can Cost You More on Cleanups

Contributed by Ben Clabaugh, Senior Project Manager Pensacola Office Sometimes you have to spend money…

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Vintage Safe Traps — Who Knew?

Driving along a road in the small town of Lillian, Alabama, late one evening, a…

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EPA proposes new PM2.5 rule – what’s the deal?

On Friday 1/6/23  a proposal was released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that could…

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Don’t Forget…TRI Now Also Applies to Natural Gas Processing Facilities

By Jamie Godbold, Senior Project Manager Baton Rouge Office If you own or operate natural…

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