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Regulatory Compliance Audits

For organizations and facilities to mitigate the risk and cost of non-compliance, they must be diligent in identifying and recognizing the gaps that lead to it. With the ever-growing complexity of environmental regulations, management must be willing to evaluate their internal programs and processes to ensure compliance with the applicable regulations. PPM provides comprehensive facility-specific regulatory compliance/multi-media audit services to industrial and commercial facilities. PPM’s compliance audits are comprehensive and targeted to address all industry-specific regulations applicable to the facilities being audited. Findings from these audits are provided in clear and concise reports along with recommendations to attain compliance.

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Compliance Auditing Services

Services that we offer in relation to Regulatory Compliance/Multi-Media Audits include:

Air Auditing
  • Applicability determinations
  • State-specific regulations, NSPS, and NESHAP compliance (including CEMS, COMS, and CPMS)
Water Auditing
  • Wastewater and stormwater discharge compliance including BMP
Waste Auditing
  • Solid and hazardous waste compliance (generator status, storage, etc.)
Emergency Response
  • SPCC, FRP, and FSP
Hazardous Materials Reporting
  • Tier 2 and TRI
  • Risk Management Plans
  • Triennial PSM Auditing
Post Audit Support
  • Strategic planning to maintain compliance
  • Facility-specific process/procedure development to support ongoing compliance
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