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Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment Services

PPM offers a broad range of environmental assessment and due diligence consulting services related to property transactions. These services range from Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) to full risk mitigation and corrective action on mergers and acquisitions. We offer our services to financial lending institutions, insurance companies, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), investment companies as well as individual purchasers or sellers of industrial, commercial or residential property. PPM personnel have collectively conducted thousands of Phase I ESAs in accordance with the ASTM “Standard Practices for Environmental Site Assessments” to help them identify if recognized environmental conditions are present.

When recognized environmental conditions are identified, PPM provides expert Phase II ESA services to determine if soil, groundwater, inside air quality, or structures are impacted in accordance with ASTM standards. We design targeted work scopes to determine if adverse environmental conditions are present by sampling and analysis of all potentially impacted media and comparing the findings to state and federal action levels. PPM compiles and presents findings in a clear and concise manner, allowing our clients to more easily make informed decisions regarding options and effective mitigation strategies.

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Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment Services

PPM’s environmental due diligence services are designed to help our clients quickly identify and assess the real risks they may be facing when purchasing or redeveloping real estate. If Phase I ESA findings warrant further assessment, PPM conducts Phase II ESAs in accordance with ASTM E1903-19 “Standard Practice For Environmental Site Assessments: Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Process”; state-specific environmental assessments, or federal assessments requiring under brownfield grant programs. For properties where chlorinated solvents and other compounds may pose a vapor encroachment or intrusion concern, PPM has staff experienced in conducting a Tier 1 vapor encroachment screening (VES) in accordance with the ASTM E2600-15 “Standard Guide for Vapor Encroachment Screening on Property Involved in Real Estate Transactions.”

Phase I & II ESA services include:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ASTM E1527-21 and E2247-16)
  • Vapor Encroachment Screen (ASTM E2600-15)
  • Soil, Soil Gas, Surface water and Groundwater Assessments
  • EPA Brownfield AAI-Compliant Phase I ESAs and Site-Specific QAPPs
  • PCB Assessments and Cleanup under TSCA 40 CFR 761, and PCB Facility Approval Streamlining Toolbox (PCB FAST), used for U.S. EPA-lead projects
  • Asbestos, Lead-Based Paint, and mold assessments
  • Other federal and state-specific environmental site assessments
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