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Asbestos, Lead and Mold Studies

The presence of asbestos, lead- based paint, and mold can affect demolition and remodeling efforts in older structures, resulting in significant delays and cost overruns. PPM provides asbestos and lead inspections/surveys to a wide variety of commercial, governmental, and commercial clients before redevelopment efforts begin. Mold is also becoming an increasing problem for buildings and structures, especially those located in the Southeast where the climate is warm and humid for a large percentage of the year. PPM provides a wide range of services to determine if asbestos, lead- based paint and mold are present, as well as providing assistance with developing mitigation strategies.

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Asbestos, Lead and Mold Services

PPM provides a wide range of services to address asbestos, lead- based paint, and mold issues, including:

  • Visual and comprehensive surveys
  • Abatement plans and specifications
  • Oversight of mitigation and abatement contractor
  • Air monitoring during abatement
  • Post-remediation testing
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