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Water Permitting, Compliance & Reporting

Water discharge permits are required for most industrial and municipal outfalls. Current permitting requirements vary from state to state with general permits for sanitary wastewater discharges and certain sector-specific discharges for operations as simple as a car wash. Other permitting activities, due to their varied nature, may require an individual permit for the facility. PPM’s experienced environmental consultants are aware of these variations and work through these processes in multiple states. As with other permitting activities it is imperative to understand the facility operations, have knowledge of the effluent sources, and provide the most effective permitting approach. PPM’s environmental consulting services do not stop with the application submittal; a critical part of complying with the permit is a thorough review of the draft permit to assure it will be applicable to the site and does not have any undue requirements.

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Water Quality Compliance Support Services

From permitting to reporting, PPM’s water quality experts provide a variety of compliance services such as:

  • Development of National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit applications for individual discharge permits, pretreatment permits, general permits, etc.
  • Effluent monitoring and sampling
  • Wastewater treatment system evaluations and selection
  • Discharge Monitoring Report preparation and maintenance
  • Wastewater and stormwater compliance audits
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