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Risk Assessment Services

Risk assessment techniques recognize that all chemical releases do not pose the same risks to human health and the environment; therefore, remediation or mitigation should not be a one-size fits all proposition. When a site does pose an unacceptable risk to human health, groundwater resources, or the natural environment, this information can be used to make active remediation more efficient by establishing less-stringent, risk-based corrective action limits and targeting only those COCs that pose an unacceptable risk and the location and media where such COCs are present. Regulatory agencies that allow risk assessments are often able to reduce time and costs to obtain site closure, and PPM is an expert at utilizing these tools.

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Understanding Risks

PPM has conducted hundreds of human health and ecological risk assessments over a wide geographic area with a variety of sites and chemicals of concern (COC). We are a leader in developing site-specific corrective action limits at soil and groundwater contamination sites, and have a strong track record in gaining regulatory agency approval of risk-based higher corrective action limits based on site-specific risk factors. This regulatory agency approval often results in significant savings in remediation costs for our clients.

Getting Started

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