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SPCC Plans

  Zane Hood joins Todd Perry to discuss what facilities need to know about SPCC Plans. Zane is an engineer, regional manager and principal at PPM.   Key  Topics and Takeaways   SPCC stands for spill, prevention, control and counter measures…

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ASTM E1527-21 Phase I ESA Update

  Trey Hess joins Todd Perry to discuss brownfield re-development and the new Phase I ESA Standard. Trey is the Director of Brownfields and Economic Development at PPM, and is retired from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and is…

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An Update on PFAS

  Jared Saterfiel joins Todd Perry to discuss Per- And Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, known as PFAS. Key Topics and Takeaways PFAS are widely used, long lasting chemicals, components of which break down very slowly over time. They are found in water, air,…

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Stack Testing

  Isaac Smith, the District Manager of the PPM Mobile office joins the podcast to discuss Stack Testing.   Stack Testing is a procedure for sampling a gas stream from a single sampling location at a facility, unit, or pollution control…

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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

  Annie McIlwain joins Todd Perry to discuss how organizations are embracing Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG). Annie is an accomplished engineer and is a District Manager at the PPM Jackson and Tupelo, Mississippi offices.   Key Topics and…

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Missed Mass in Remediation

  Jared Saterfiel joins the podcast to discuss Missed Mass in Remediation. Jared is a project manager at PPM with experience in Remediation, Waste, Environmental Compliance, Water Quality, Soil, and Environmental Impact Assessment. Jared defines what Missed Mass is, what…

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Dry Cleaners and their Environmental Challenges

Between increased environmental regulations and an overall lower demand for the services, Dry Cleaners aren't as common as they used to be. That means many old dry cleaning buildings, often in prime real-estate are up for grabs. But this poses an…

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Environmental Permitting for New Facilities

When building a new facility there a lot of nuances and challenges related to environmental compliance. Thad McCoy specializes in this very topic and joins Todd Perry for this episode of PPM Simplifies. Thad is an engineer at PPM with…

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How to Work with Regulators

On this episode Todd Perry chats with Trey Hess about how to work with Regulators. Trey was once a regulator at Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and is now a consultant at PPM. Trey has a unique perspective on how…

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How to Optimize Remediation Systems

Michael Ellison joins this episode of PPM Simplifies to talk about Remediation with Todd. Michael is an engineer at PPM and has nearly 30 years of experience in the industry. Key Topics and Take-aways  Michael gives some tips on site…

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