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Regulation Management and More

Solid Waste Permitting, Compliance & Reporting

Successful management of solid waste requires thorough knowledge and understanding of complex federal and state regulations. PPM’s experience covers all aspects of solid waste management, including planning, permitting, siting studies, permitting, construction management, monitoring, and closure. With nearly 30 years of experience in simplifying the complex for our clients, PPM can help you solve complex solid waste and landfill-related issues.

We're Here to Help

Solid Waste Compliance Support Services

At PPM, we can help you and your industry manage solid waste from start to finish. Our solid waste management and engineering services include:

  • Solid Waste Planning
  • Solid Waste Permit Applications/Modifications
  • Beneficial Use of Solid Waste (Determination and Permitting)
  • Waste Minimization and Recycling
  • Siting Studies
  • Construction Oversight
  • Detection Monitoring
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Contaminant Delineation
  • Containment Reliability and Effectiveness Assessment
  • Groundwater Recovery and Treatment
  • Landfill/Impoundment Closure
Getting Started

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