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Simplifying The Complex

Environmental Consulting Services for the Retail UST Industry

Owners of underground and aboveground storage tanks (USTs and ASTs), such as convenience stores and fuel distributors, are increasingly on the radar screen of federal, state and local agencies, necessitating an unprecedented level of attention to maintaining compliance with environmental regulations. Helping petroleum marketers manage these issues and to respond to petroleum releases has been a key part of our business since the inception of our firm and today still. A recognized leader in UST/AST environmental management, PPM serves national convenience store chains, local jobbers, and individual facility owners.

Our deep knowledge base, gained through years of experience, allows us to develop plans that can be easily implemented and will be effective. Of course, even the best laid plans may not be able to prevent your facility from ever experiencing a contingency. That’s why PPM also offers a full range of services necessary for reporting, assessing and responding to a release of oil.

Retail Tank Management Services

PPM is the largest UST consultant in many southeastern states. PPM can perform compliance and risk assessments, prepare site-specific tank management plans, assist with tank closure planning and carry out any emergency response or remediation operations that are required in a contingency. UST operators turn to us to provide a wide array of environmental consulting services, including:

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