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Things to Know About Louisiana’s Proposed Voluntary Environmental Self-Audit Regulations

Contributed by Jamie Godbold, Senior Project Manager, PPM Consultants Owners or operators subject to a…

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Ian Hamilton Joins PPM Consultants as Geologist

In June, the Mobile office welcomed Ian Hamilton, P.G. (Alabama) to their team. Ian has…

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We Had A Spill, Now What?

Contributed by Matt Ebbert, Senior Geologist, PPM Consultants Whether you manage environmental compliance for a…

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Tapping into No-Cost Brownfield Assessment Grant Services on Your Next Project

Contributed by Mike McCown, Principal, PPM Consultants The risks and complexities associated with real estate…

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Sampling PFAS without PFAS

Contributed by Bennett Bates, Geologist, PPM Consultants Like many of you, I’ve been hearing a lot…

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Did We Pass The PFAS Test?

Contributed by Regan Wray, Staff Scientist, PPM Consultants As Keith Pyron’s previous “PFAS, Did We…

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Brian Richards Joins PPM Consultants as District Manager

Brian Richards joins PPM Consultants as District Manager in the Orlando, Florida office. Brian, a…

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PFAS, Did We Save the Worst for Last?

Contributed by Keith Pyron, Principal and Senior Geologist, PPM Consultants Many people like to save…

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Perchloroethylene Technical Discussion: COVID and Dry Cleaners: Where are Things Headed? Part 1 of 4

Contributed by Trey Hess P.E., Brownfield Redevelopment Director, PPM Consultants This is Part 1 of…

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High-Resolution Site Characterization – What is It All About?

Contributed by Jacob Pongetti, Staff Scientist, PPM Consultants High-resolution site characterization (HRSC) is a set of…

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EPA Proposes New Far-Reaching Facility Response Planning Requirements

Contributed by Michael Hurd, Geologist, PPM Consultants Many industrial facilities are no strangers to facility…

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ESG: A Worldwide Look

Contributed by Annie McIlwain P.E., Principal, PPM Consultants Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations have…

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Vapor Intrusion 101 Article 1: Petroleum Sites

Contributed by Ben Lightsey P.E., Senior Engineer, PPM Consultants Since 2011, I have been involved in…

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Earth Day Celebration

Contributed by Lori Lea, Jackson Office, PPM Consultants Earth Day is an annual event celebrated…

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Identifying a Cattle Dipping Vat in Florida

Contributed by Kevin Grosjean, Staff Geologist, PPM Consultants Texas fever they called it, though it…

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