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New EPA Multi-scale Monitoring Project- How it affects you

PPM Simplifies
PPM Simplifies
New EPA Multi-scale Monitoring Project- How it affects you

Today, host Todd Perry speaks with Isaac Smith, Leader of the PPM Mobile AL office, about the EPA’s “Multi-Scale Monitoring Project” initiated by Michael Regan in 2021. The conversation delves into the program’s history and goals, including the impressive capabilities of the EPA’s rapid-deployment detection plane and the GMAP mobile air monitoring vehicle. You’ll also hear how FLIR cameras, fenceline monitors, and even satellites are used to track pollutants. Discover which industries are currently a focus, and how the EPA plans to expand its reach.

Key Topics and Takeaways

  • History and purpose of the EPA program
  • An EPA chemical and radiation detection plane can be deployed within an hour
  • GMAP – Mobile air monitoring vehicle
  • FLIR cameras, fenceline monitors, satellites for detecting pollutants
  • Industries that the EPA is focusing on- expanding to other pollutants
  • How data is being used
  • Targeting industries – oil and gas
  • The fall elections will determine the trajectory of this project
  • Key takeaways

Resources and Links

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