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Waste Management

PPM Simplifies
PPM Simplifies
Waste Management

Annie Mcilwain joins the podcast again to chat with Todd Perry about Waste Management. Annie is a District Manager and Engineer at PPM working out of the Jackson, Mississippi office. With a masters degree in civil engineering, she brings loads of experience and knowledge to the table.

  • Ways technology can be used to reduce waste
  • How byproducts can be repurposed to reduce waste AND benefit something else. This is known as ‘Beneficial Use.”
  • Excess waste often means less profit
  • There are different types of waste and different types of waste permits.
  • Explaining ‘Universal Waste’
  • Best practices for managing waste
  • Why an audit of disposal facilities can be a good thing

Links and Resources 

Connect with Annie on LinkedIn 
Connect with Todd on LinkedIn 
Waste Management information via the EPA 
Learn more about PPM at 

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