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How to Read a Regulation

PPM Simplifies
PPM Simplifies
How to Read a Regulation

Annie Mcilwain is a District Manager and Engineer at PPM working out of the Jackson, Mississippi office. With a masters degree in civil engineering, she brings loads of experience and knowledge to the table. She joins Todd for this episode to discuss how to read a regulation.

Key Topics and Takeaways 

  • Regulations impact every kind of business
  • Effective ways for businesses to understand regulations, their purpose and how to be in compliance
  • While regulations such as The Clean Air Act are effective at protecting human and environmental health, they can also be complicated. So Annie provides some tips on how businesses can better understand these regulations
  • Why companies should always seek help when reading regulations

Links and Resources 

Connect with Annie on LinkedIn 
Connect with Todd on LinkedIn 
Learn more about PPM at 

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