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SPCC Plans

PPM Simplifies
PPM Simplifies
SPCC Plans


Zane Hood joins Todd Perry to discuss what facilities need to know about SPCC Plans. Zane is an engineer, regional manager and principal at PPM.


Key  Topics and Takeaways


  • SPCC stands for spill, prevention, control and counter measures
  • An SPCC plan means having a plan, training and procedures in place for a spill
  • The SPCC rule is formulated in the federal code of regulations
  • The SPCC is applied only to oil spills
  • The SPCC rule is applied to hundreds of thousands of facilities around the country, and includes a broad range of facilties.
  • Smaller facilities can self certify, but larger ones often hire consultants (like PPM) to help make an SPCC plan.
  • SPCC plans have to be revised every five years
  • Zane defines “technical amendment” and what they mean for facilities
  • The SPCC rule received its last revision in 2002. The rule took more than five years to be implemented, since it affects of a lot of different groups


Links and Resources

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SPCC Fact Sheet via the EPA 

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