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Insights From an Environmental Biologist

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PPM Simplifies
Insights From an Environmental Biologist

Biologist Jordan Harper from the Monroe, Louisiana office joins Todd Perry to talk about some of the fascinating aspects of his job, some tales from the field, and some advice for anyone interested in a career in environmental biology.

Key Topics and Takeaways

  • Jordan’s journey into environmental biology 
  • Stories from the field – The Pressing Club – a pre-WWII phenomenon
  • The oldest documents Jordan has come across – late 1700s 
  • Balancing relationships between various entities in the field 
  • Jordan’s day to day highlights include seeing a vacant lot that has been sitting for decades turn into a new business in town
  • Brownfield grants 
  • If you’re thinking about an environmental career:
    • You’ll need to learn to write scientifically, to bring the history out clearly
    • Develop the ability to complete research, finding real answers using resources that aren’t just Google

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