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What’s in a Name? – LDEQ Name Change Requirements

a man wearing a suit and tie smiling at the cameraContributed by Corey Gautreaux, District Manager, PPM Consultants

While most of us don’t put much thought into the naming of a facility, changing the name of a facility holding or applying for a permit in the state of Louisiana comes with responsibilities. The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality’s Name Owner Change Form, known as a NOC-1 Form, is a crucial step in ensuring continued compliance.

Within 45 days of a facility or company name change, a change in ownership, or a change in a facility’s operator, a NOC-1 Form must be completed and submitted to LDEQ for approval. It is important to keep in mind that the NOC-1 Form must be signed by both the new and existing responsible parties and the form does require original “wet ink” signature from all parties.

The NOC-1 Form is also used to transfer permits from one company/owner/operator to another. The following permits, including transfer fees, are as follows:

  • Air Permit – $500
  • Solid Waste Permits
    • Type I, IA, II, IIA – $2,650
    • Type III, Beneficial Use – $813
    • Waste Tire Processors – $125
  • Water Permits
    • Individual – 10% of the calculated annual fee but not less than $380 (excluding oyster fee)

Note that Hazardous Waste Permits, General Water Permits (LAG), and LAJ Biosolids can be transferred for no cost. Additionally, company or facility name changes do not require a fee for Solid Waste or Water Permits. All corporations and limited liability companies must include proof of registration with the Louisiana Secretary of State.

Stormwater permits beginning with LAR04, LAR05, and LAR10 are not transferrable. Hazardous Waste Permits may also require a Notification of Hazardous Waste Activity Form (HW-1 Form) in addition to the NOC-1 Form.

The following permits/registrations require a different mechanism for transfer than the NOC-1 Form:

  • Radiation Permits and Licenses
  • Sewage Sludge Transporter Registrations
  • UST Registrations
  • Stage I and II Vapor Recovery System Registrations
  • HW-1 Notifications
  • Water Quality Certifications
  • Waste Tire Generator Notifications

The following permits/activities are non-transferrable:

  • Solid Waste Generator ID Number
  • Storm Water General Permits
  • Biosolid General Permit LAJ660000
  • Air Permit Exemptions
  • Expired, Terminated, or Rescinded
  • Facilities with No Active Permits

If you are looking to change the name or your facility or your company is undergoing restructuring that includes a name or owner change, give PPM a call at 225-293-7270 or email me direct at!

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