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West Virginia passes legislation regulating chemical tanks

West Virginia has finally enacted a safety bill that will hopefully make future incidents of this nature less likely to occur.
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Urban farming grows, but faces contamination challenges

If current trends continue, urban farming may someday become an important source of food for millions of Americans. But will it be safe?
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Environmental Assessments for Government Facilities

PPM provides a wide range of environmental consulting and engineering services to federal, state, municipal, and local governmental agencies and departments.
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At PPM, our team is primarily made up of engineers, geologists and other environmental scientists, so we understand how to quickly move past potential environmental hurdles and bring closure to your sites.
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Environmental Consulting for Manufacturing Industry

From initial compliance audits and permitting to groundwater assessment and remediation, PPM can provide manufacturing companies with practical solutions to address a wide range of air, water, and solid/hazardous waste issues.
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EPA to pursue follow-up studies of remediated sites

Success against contamination often takes time, and often requires constant monitoring.
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Brownfields must be properly identified, remediated and prevented

Though it is not always easy to clean up brownfield sites, it is important to identify them as soon as possible.
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Environmental Consulting for Retail UST Industry

PPM is the largest UST consultant in many southeastern states. UST operators turn to us to provide a wide array of environmental consulting services.
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Fracking has a long history in the United States

Fracking turns 65 this year, and its impact on the economy has been profound.
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New academic paper explores wetland mitigation risks

Though many recognize the importance of wetlands mitigation, there are still numerous risks facing the stakeholders involved in the process.
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Officials consider remediation, redevelopment options in West Virginia

Officials in two West Virginia towns are considering strategies for remediating and redeveloping unused properties into areas that could once again become useful economically.
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West Virginia chicken farmer fights EPA over storm water issue

Most farmers hope for rain during a dry season. But West Virginia poultry farmer Lois Alt found herself wishing for anything but as she became embroiled in a court battle with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over a storm water permit.
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National Groundwater Awareness Week

You may not draw your water from a well, but you probably rely on groundwater much more than you know. That's why National Groundwater Awareness Week, which runs from March 9-15, is so important.
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Environmental consultants can facilitate compliance with new sulfur regulations

Sometimes, chemicals in emissions do not always need to be directly harmful to demand regulation. There are often secondary effects that are still potentially harmful.
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EPA adopts new hazardous waste manifests for transportation

People don't always like to think about the shipping of hazardous materials, but it happens every day.
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