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IBM seeks to clean Beijing air

The fact that so much of Chinese industry still relies on coal power has resulted in severe air pollution in most major cities, especially Beijing.
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More refineries needed to meet growing demand

The U.S. needs more refineries to keep up with increased oil production.
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Massachusetts law will speed up repairs of leaking gas pipelines

The plan will establish a uniform system of leak classification that will rank potential leaks based on their severity and set a timeline for repairs.
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France leads the world in recycling nuclear waste

As the U.S. struggles to decide what to do with its own growing stockpiles of nuclear waste, it may be useful to learn from those who are already leading the way.
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20 Cities That Need More Water

More than 99 percent of Earth’s bountiful water supply is unfit for drinking. Most of…

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North Dakota governor pushes for more pipeline capacity

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple wants to expand oil pipeline capability within the state.
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Natural gas development attracts chemical companies

The American Chemistry Council claims that foreign companies account for 62 percent of announced capital investments in the industry.
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Pennsylvania Governor wants to allow more gas development on public land

In Pennsylvania, the Corbett Administration is considering leasing as many as 25,000 acres of public park and forest land as a way of raising $75 million for the state budget.
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IEA warns that world does not have enough nuclear plants

The IEA believes that the world must cut its carbon emissions to half of 2011 levels in order to experience a 20 percent chance of avoiding a global temperature increase of 2 degrees Celsius. This is harder without nuclear power.
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Supreme Court sets limit on EPA’s power to regulate carbon dioxide emissions

The Supreme Court has slightly limited the EPA's ability to regulate carbon dioxide emissions.
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Report: Transporting oil by rail could result in high emission levels

Valero Energy's plan to unload up to 70,000 barrels per day from trains at its Benicia, California refinery may significantly increase emissions in the state.
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North American oil production predicted to increase

North American oil production has been on an impressive streak in recent years, and studies predict that it will reach a remarkable milestone within a few years.
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Natural gas pipeline planned for Massachusetts

A Houston-based energy company is proposing a multibillion dollar pipeline that would connect Massachusetts to shale fields in New York and Pennsylvania.
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Oil and gas development enjoys strong support

Oil and gas development is economically sound and increasingly popular.
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Natural disasters lead to lasting contamination threats

It is becoming increasingly clear that natural disasters are creating long-term contamination issues that continue to threaten communities for years after the initial strike ends.
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