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PPM Simplifies
PPM Simplifies

On this episode, Todd is joined by Zia Tammami to discuss Landfills. Zia is the president and managing partner at Belle Terre Consultants in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He’s an expert in Landfill siting, Permitting, Master Planning, landfill acquisitions, groundwater assessment and remediation. As someone who’s been working in the Environmental sector since the 80’s, you might even call Zia a godfather of the industry.

Key Topics and Takeaways

  • Challenges Facing municipal landfills
  • Permitting for Landfills
  • How to solve against Leachate in Landfills
  • The Different Types of Landfills

Links and Resources

Todd Perry on LinkedIn
Zia Tammami on LinkedIn
Municipal Landfill information via the EPA 
PPM’s Website 

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