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PPM Simplifies
PPM Simplifies

Todd chats with Keith Pyron, a senior geologist and principal at PPM. For the past 25 years, Keith has managed and overseen large task order contracts and worked with numerous remedial action projects throughout the Southeast.

On this episode Todd and Keith discuss Brownfields, which are sites that have been abandoned or idled, and the properties are vacant due to a real or perceived contamination at the property, which hinders the resale of the property.

Key Topics and Takeaways

  • Creation of the Brownfield Grants
  • Not all Brownfields are actually contaminated
  • Coalition Grants
  • The application process for a Brownfield Grant
  • Building a Program through a city or local government to get grants for redevelopment projects
  • Themes and Trends in awarding Brownfield Grants
  • Keith share a really cool Brownfield Grant story

Links and Resources

More Information on Brownfields via EPA
Types of Brownfield Grant Programs
Todd Perry on LinkedIn
Keith Pyron on LinkedIn

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