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Protecting your Water Supply

Wellhead Protection & Source Water Assessments

Regulatory agencies in numerous states require public water systems to conduct detailed investigations and studies to identify potential contaminant sources that could affect a supply well or surface water intake and to develop strategies to protect the water supply. Many of these studies must be updated at permit renewal. PPM has assisted numerous water systems in completing such studies, and stands ready to help you understand your water.

We're Here to Help

Simplifying Wellhead Protection & Source Assessments

PPM Consultants combines human experience with the latest developments in environmental technology and methodology to conduct our wellhead protection and source water assessment services. PPM Consultants puts nearly three decades of experience to work for you by simplifying the complex environmental regulations that affect your water.  Understanding the value of that water is paramount. PPM Consultants can help. For businesses and industries across the Southeast, we demystify complicated environmental regulations that affect your wellheads and water sources. We’ve helped water systems across the country by providing:

  • Field mapping of stratigraphic units and structural geology in the surrounding area by observing road, stream, and ridge outcrops
  • Water-level mapping of springs and private wells in the study area
  • Lineament analysis of the study area
  • Dye-trace testing to determine the groundwater-flow regime
  • Delineation of source water assessment boundaries
  • Identification of potential sources of groundwater contamination within the delineated source water assessment boundaries
  • Preparation of susceptibility analysis and contingency plan for the system’s water treatment plant in the event of a contamination event
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Wellhead Protection & Source Water Assessments with PPM Consultants

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