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Solid & Hazardous Waste Permit, Compliance & Reporting

A confidential client owned a secondary lead smelter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The smelter had been in operation recycling lead acid batteries since the 1960s. PPM provided air permitting services to the facility since 2005. This included modification and renewal of the Title V permit as well as regulatory interpretation to ensure compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations. The facility was temporarily idled in 2009 due to economic conditions in the battery industry and the site was permanently closed and demolished in 2013.

PPM has served as the contract environmental manager since February 2012. The facility has a major Louisiana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (LPDES), a Solid Waste Permit, and a Post Closure Hazardous Waste Permit. PPM assisted with maintaining compliance under all permits. PPM prepared and submitted monthly discharge monitoring reports for compliance with the water discharge permit. PPM prepared all reports required by state regulations for solid waste generation and disposal. PPM also maintained all plans required by permit and regulation such as Spill Prevention Control, and Countermeasures Plan (SPCC), Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Contingency Plan, and Waste Minimization Plan. PPM also assisted with regulatory inspections and provided guidance to operational personnel on all requirements of the permits.

The facility has two closed hazardous waste landfills that are in post closure maintenance and monitoring. PPM has advised the client on the proper techniques to maintain the caps on the landfills to prevent release of the contents and leachate from the landfills. PPM has also conducted a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Feasibility Investigation (RFI) on a water body that abuts the site to determine if site activities have impacted the water body. Following completion of the RFI, soil were dredged from the bottom of the water body.

Project Highlights

  • Prepare monthly Discharge Monitoring Reports
  • Prepare annual Lead Reduction Report
  • Conduct annual cap inspections
  • Prepare annual Solid Waste Certification of Compliance
  • Prepare LPDES renewal application
  • Prepare Solid Waste Renewal application
  • Maintain environmental files
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