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Soil & Groundwater Assessment & Remediation

PPM was retained by a petroleum distribution company to remediate a +100,000-gallon gasoline release at a southeastern terminal. Due to the proximity of the release to a municipal well field, PPM expedited all site work, which included rapid delineation of the extent of impact; pin-pointing and repair of the release source; design, fabrication, and installation of two Dual-Phase Vacuum Extraction (DPVE) systems for product recovery, a submersible pump system (for hydraulic control), an AS/SVE system (to create a treatment curtain at the down-gradient property boundary), and two ozone sparge systems (to address the offsite plume). These efforts resulted in the control and elimination of the free product plume within 2 months and 3 years, respectively, and recovery of an estimated 117,000 gallons of petroleum from the subsurface in 6 years. A risk assessment was then completed to establish site-specific corrective action levels, and the site is now in the post-remediation monitoring phase.

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