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Hazardous Waste Permitting, Compliance & Reporting

Waste Characterization and Profiling


PPM was contracted to characterize waste generated at 17 facilities across Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. The majority of waste generated at the facilities included petroleum contaminated debris, flare filter elements, filter waste and filter socks, sump sludge, oil/wastewater/oily water, and soft pigs. PPM characterized and sampled various drums at each facility for toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) benzene, BTEX, reactive sulfide, and pH. During the sampling, PPM documented the condition of the drums, number of drums, contents of drums, labeling of drums, and volume of various materials in each drum and documented it on an Inventory Form. The Inventory Form was used by the client to prepare the waste profiles necessary to properly dispose the drums from the facilities.

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