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Brownfield Redevelopment

PPM assisted a property developer with navigating the regulatory and administrative steps to take advantage of the brownfield cleanup tax rebate associated with the Mississippi Economic Redevelopment Act which included the development of a Corrective Action Plan (CAP), cleanup cost estimating, followed up by cleanup oversight and reporting.

The former property that housed a tractor dealership was relocated and what remained was an abandoned brownfield site. Funding from Hernando’s EPA Brownfields Grant was utilized to conduct environmental site assessments and hold numerous meetings with developers, non-profits, realtors, and investors, and onsite meetings with property owners. The City of Hernando was able to take advantage of the private sector incentives related to the Mississippi Economic Redevelopment Act (MERA) for the planned transformation of the vacated Reliable Equipment property into a planned redevelopment within the city limits. The Board of Aldermen approved a resolution (as required by the Act) designating the area as a “redevelopment area” so that the developer could apply for MERA with the MS Development Authority (MDA).

The Client renovated the existing building and repurposed it into two successful businesses: Uncle Bubba’s Barbeque restaurant and Social x Saint, a local boutique-style home store. Uncle Bubba’s generated 50 jobs and dramatically increased the quality of life for the residents of Hernando. Social x Saint has created jobs in the downtown Hernando area and offers residents and visitors a new opportunity to shop locally.

With PPM’s assistance, the Client received liability protection through a Brownfield Agreement with the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). The scope of work for the CAP included the excavation and disposal of approximately 226 tons of petroleum impacted soil, the unanticipated removal and disposal of two underground storage tanks discovered during excavation activities, and the backfilling of the excavation with clean sand/clay mixture and compaction of the backfill using excavation equipment to prevent settling. All work was conducted within budget and on time.

Project Highlights

  • Brownfield cleanup tax rebate incentives utilized
  • Soil excavation and soil disposal activities were conducted
  • PPM oversaw the excavation and disposal of over 226 tons of potentially petroleum impacted oils
  • Two new businesses were created as a result of assessment grant funding
  • Over 50 jobs created as a result of redevelopment efforts
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