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Air Modeling Emissions

PPM Simplifies
PPM Simplifies
Air Modeling Emissions

Our listeners have expressed an interest in hearing more about emissions modeling, and we heard you. In this episode, host Todd Perry welcomes PPM’s Environmental Compliance Manager Corey Gautreaux, from Baton Rouge. Corey explains many of the complexities involved in air modeling for emissions. From permitting to collecting your design data, to modeling worst-case scenarios, Corey shares his expert knowledge of the process.

According to the EPA website: Emissions modeling makes use of a collection of related tools, including tools related to the generation of biogenic emissions, tools for the speciation of particular matter and gaseous volatile organic compounds, and state-level hourly sulfur dioxide data.  Other related tools such as the Sparse Matrix Operator Kernel Emissions (SMOKE) modeling system, the Spatial Allocator, and the Control Strategy Tool (CoST), are available from the Community Modeling and Analysis System (CMAS) Center website.

Key Topics and Takeaways

  • Corey Gautreaux intro and background
  • Three drivers of modeling
  • Modeling and permits
  • First steps to prepare for modeling- collecting design data
  • Modeling worst-case scenarios is best
  • Modeling the radius of impact
  • Preparations to share with regulators – submitting your protocol to the state
  • Reach out to us with any modeling questions through the website link below

Resources and Links

Corey Gautreaux LinkedIn


Air Emissions Modeling – EPA


PPM Consultants Website


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