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The Anthropocene – A New Geologic Epoch

Contributed by Forest Stroud, Staff Geologist, PPM Consultants As an undergraduate student I remember my petrology…

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Ozone Generation: A Powerful Solution for Groundwater Remediation

Contributed by Josh Walz, Environmental Specialist, PPM Consultants Groundwater is a vital natural resource that…

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When Should You Upgrade your Underground Storage Tank (UST) System?

Contributed by Todd Perry, Principal, PPM Consultants UST Systems store and dispense various substances, such…

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Hurricane Preparation for Remediation Systems

Contributed by Ian Hamilton, Geologist, PPM Consultants Hurricane season is here on the Gulf Coast. Starting…

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What Actually is A Significant Noncompliance in the NPDES Realm?

Contributed by Holden Volentine, Project Manager, PPM Consultants State and Federal regulators often use the…

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The Love Affair between Geoscientists and Beer: A Story of Eons

Contributed by Stephanie Evans, Staff Geologist, PPM Consultants Beer is one of the oldest drinks…

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The Crux of Soil Sampling: VOC Preservation – A Primer on Soil Sampling

Contributed by Jon Roger PG, Project Manager, PPM Consultants Let’s face it, soil sampling is…

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PPM Consultants Honored with ENR Top 200 Award

  PPM Consultants, a full-service environmental consulting and engineering services firm, was recently selected to…

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Universal Waste Management and Small Retailers

Contributed by Rebecca Martin, Environmental Engineer, PPM Consultants Let’s be honest here, do you really think…

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Supreme Court Sackett Decision Will Impact EPA Enforcement

Contributed by Trey Hess P.E., Brownfield Redevelopment Director, PPM Consultants As a former regulator, I…

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Canadian Wild-Fire Correlations in Alabama Cities

Contributed by Rebecca Martin, Environmental Engineer, PPM Consultants There has been a recent uptick in poor…

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The Basics of Monthly Walk Through Inspections for UST Systems

Contributed by Scott Stamper, Environmental Specialist, PPM Consultants Have you ever wondered exactly how the…

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Things to Know About Louisiana’s Proposed Voluntary Environmental Self-Audit Regulations

Contributed by Jamie Godbold, Senior Project Manager, PPM Consultants Owners or operators subject to a…

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Ian Hamilton Joins PPM Consultants as Geologist

In June, the Mobile office welcomed Ian Hamilton, P.G. (Alabama) to their team. Ian has…

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We Had A Spill, Now What?

Contributed by Matt Ebbert, Senior Geologist, PPM Consultants Whether you manage environmental compliance for a…

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