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To Divine is Human

Contributed by Walt Henley, Senior Geologist, PPM Consultants For 47 years, my job has been…

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SOCMI Facilities Be Aware and Beware!

Contributed by Jamie Godbold, Senior Project Manager, PPM Consultants EPA has finalized a number of new…

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2024 – Attack of the Cicadas!

Contributed by Isaac Smith, Principal, PPM Consultants Each year that passes seems to bring more…

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A Quick Overview of EPA Tanks 5.0 Beta Version

Contributed by Jamie Godbold, Senior Project Manager, PPM Consultants In case you missed it, the…

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EPA’s Overhaul on Chemical Plant Rules Has Environmental Justice Written All Over It

Contributed by Isaac Smith, Principal, PPM Consultants On April 9, 2024, the Environmental Protection Agency…

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Paradise Practices

Contributed by Rebecca Martin, Environmental Engineer, PPM Consultants I just returned from my stay in…

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UST Trust Fund Eligibility – Report or Regret

Contributed by Jacob Pongetti, Staff Scientist, PPM Consultants I've worked with Underground Storage Tank (UST) state…

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Buckle Up! EPA Expands the FRP Rule to Include “Hazardous Substances”

Contributed by Zane Hood, Principal, PPM Consultants On March 28, 2024, the U.S. Environmental Protection…

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LDEQ Voluntary Environmental Self-Audit Program is Open to Applicants

Contributed by Todd Perry, Principal, PPM Consultants Introduction to Environmental Self-Audit Programs: Environmental Self-Audit programs…

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The NFA: The Holy Grail of Site Cleanup?

Contributed by Trey Hess P.E., Director of Brownfields and Economic Development, PPM Consultants As a former…

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Google to Use AI to Monitor Methane Emissions from Space

Contributed by Isaac Smith, Principal, PPM Consultants Late in 2023, I wrote a Journal Article…

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The Lingering Haze of Asbestos: A Legacy of Health Hazards in Older Communities

Contributed by Annie McIlwain P.E., Principal, PPM Consultants Recently, I was discussing my work as…

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Federal Judge Pumps Brakes on EPA and DOJ Civil Rights Enforcement Efforts

Contributed by Trey Hess P.E., Brownfield Director, PPM Consultants On January 23rd, Federal Judge James…

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What’s So Bad About Kudzu?

Contributed by Monica Holston, Project Manager, PPM Consultants If you’re from the southeastern U.S. or…

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Louisiana’s Underground Storage Tank Grant Program: Help for Upgrading your UST System

Contributed by Todd Perry, Principal, PPM Consultants The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) with…

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